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We finished the 8u tournament tonight in Pryor.  I would like to thank the 6 teams that agreed to come back to Pryor on a Wed. night to finish the tournament that got rained out last Sunday.  So a big THANK YOU goes out to the Tornadoes, Blaze, Thunder, Salina Lady Cats, Vinita Hornets, and the Oklahoma Wildcats.  I feel alot better that we finished the tournament.  I don't want to leave the other 10 teams that came to our tournament last weekend, so thanks to you also.
Congratulations to the Oklahoma Wildcats for taking 1st
Vinita Hornets for 2nd
Salina Lady Cats for 3rd


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Thank you Dewayne for putting this tournament on.   This was a good tournament and I liked that everyone had good sportsmanship (parents and coaches).   Thank you for working with all the teams in making up this tournament.  There were several good teams out there.  Good Job to all the girls who played in this tournament.   I hope there will be more tournaments at this location.


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Thanks for hosting such a good tournament.

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