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The Simmons Family has announced Dave's funeral has been set for Sunday June 10th at 12:30 pm.


Floral Haven, 6500 S. 129th East Ave, Tulsa, OK.


The family will host a reception after the service to reminisce.



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Dave's legacy will live on.  

What Dave has done for the community and the girls he has coached over the years cannot be measured.  He is well respected by many. The amount of time and effort Dave has devoted over the years for the development of these girls is remarkable.  Dave expected much from his kids and always had them ready to play.  Words here cannot express what he has meant to the game of softball in Oklahoma.  It will not be the same at the park without having him around.

Jeff, Kaitlin, & Joy Allen
Oklahoma Diamond Girls

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Our deepest prayers go out to Dave,the Tulsa Eagles and his family,He was a man that no matter how he touched your life he was an impact. Dave got the most out of anybody that was involved in his programs and he would change your life forever .Coach ,the Wright family is going to miss you tremendously .Thank You!

Go yard Coach!!!!

Coach Wright

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Dave did not really know me from Adam but he would always talk to me at length anytime I would see him and strike up a conversation. I can't imagine how many lives he has touched but I know it's many. My prayers go out to his family, friends, and his Tulsa Eagles family. I wish you all the best!


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Our daughter was with Dave's organization for a couple of years and to this day, she still draws upon articles of the instruction and wisdom of the game he imparted to her.  One current player in the Tulsa Elite organization is certainly for the better with having had his counsel.

Somehow, I always wound up making the QT run for black coffee in the 16 oz. cups. During one of our conversations in his office, Dave recounted about growing up in California and as a youngster of early teenage years, he and a buddy would go to the beach.  There they would collect hot pebbles to drop onto the backs of young ladies sunbathing, often with a certain wardrobe item disconnected.  The reaction was predictable and apparently amusing, until they were busted by the beach lifeguards.

With the axiom that "we are often remembered from this life for our last, worst act", and given the volume of love and affection rendered to this man, I'd bet his last, worst act was likely on a California beach ~50 years ago.


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There aren't enough words to express the appreciation and admiration for Dave.  He was truly a one of a kind person and I don't think there will be another one.  I'm not sure if he realized how much the girls that played for him absolutely adored him.  He was funny and always had something to say to them to make them laugh. Bailey had a great time playing for you Dave, you could bring out the best that kids had to offer.  I would also like to say a special Thank You to Dave's family for sharing him with all of us. Thanks Dave for all of the great memories that will live on and will not be forgotten!!  

Bobby, Lori, Missy, and Bailey Erwin 
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