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A great bunch of girls learning and loving the game of softball!
Played up to 8's this weekend to get some tournament time in.
Hitting the dirt at 8am this morning after our late night pool games- you girls came ready to play... going strong with a 4th place finish!!! Your coaches are extremely proud.. you played 8 games and your endurance was there to keep going. 

Twisters finished 4/13-  way to go GIRLS!!  
Owasso fields were maintained well the entire time and we felt right at home in Owasso- thanks to Chris Greer and everyone involved making things run smooth for the 8's. 

A HUGE thanks to the Rockers/Wildcats/Thunder! We enjoyed playing you and watching your girls react to the ball. All of you rock!
Great parent sportsmanship and amazing hitting this weekend-

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Thanks to all the teams, players, parents and supporters who came out to Owasso this weekend for the OGSA's 8&U tournament. I think we had a pretty good tournament. I saw a lot of good ball and sportsmanship. I want to give a special shout-out to the little girls who played up this weekend: Collinsville Hit-n-Run and Broken Arrow Tiny Twisters. You guys battled hard. And you may not believe this now, but facing the likes of the Rockers, Wildcats, Thunder and others will make you better ball players.

The final results were:
Rockers: 1st Place
Wildcats: 2nd Place
Thunder: 3rd Place

I've got another 8&U tournament in Owasso on April 25-27. Hope to see many of you guys again.

Chris Greer

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Great job Twisters!

A BIG CONGRATS to the Rockers.  Good work Russell and the gang.

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Reply with quote  #4 are awesome!  What a great first outing for you girls for your first ever coach pitch experience.  To finish 4th out of 13 behind the Rockers, Wildcats and Thunder...WOW!  You guys even played all 3 of these teams this weekend and never quit.  To everyone involved with developing these girls from the field to the dugout~great job, you're the best.  We are looking forward to an incredible season.
Thanks to all the teams in Owasso this weekend and thanks to Chris for putting on a great tournament.
Mom of Lillie #13 BA Twisters

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I think we were all impressed how well your girls played.  They might be little, but they sure do know the game of softball.  Keep up the good work!

Oklahoma Rockers! 

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Great job Lillie with the BA Twisters!!!  We didn't get to see you play, but we tried hard to keep up with your action through Mom on Friday night, and Dad on Saturday!!!  We are so proud of you and your accomplishments this weekend!!!  Be proud of that 4th place finish!!!

Your other softball family!!
The Thompsons
Oklahoma CRUSH 14U

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Great job Twisters. You girls played some great ball.
Really enjoyed seeing all the young ones stepping up and playing with the bigger teams. keep up the hard work and you will see it pay off.
 Good luck to all and thanks for great place to play this weekend.
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