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Oklahoma Crush had a great time in Collinsville this weekend!  There were a bunch of great teams and great competition!  We enjoyed getting to play some of them!  We had two wins and two losses - not bad for a "little team from Skiatook"!  The only downer of the weekend was our game Saturday night @ 9:00....the girls seemed tired and really just did not play well but the downer was the two umpires we had.  They certainly did not beat us....we did that...but we have just never seen a more class-less set of umpires!  You hate to complain about them because they have a tough enough job to do but when they are rude to your catcher and basically make fun of your team saying, "this game was over a long time ago" ..laughing....that is just not okay!  We had two girls get hit by the pitcher and one was not given her base and one was not told WHAT to do!  Umpiring is a tough job but you CHOOSE to do should have a heart for the girls and for the game...not coming out there to be rude and sarcastic!  (I do want to make note that these were the only two umpires that we had that behaved in this manner - the others were fine.)  So Collinsville, we commend you for a great tournament...just too bad you had to get hold of of those two!  Thanks for a fun weekend of softball!  Go Crush!

OC Mom

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For the sake of collinsville softball, I would like to apologize for your umpires behavior.  If you would have the coach of your team call me , I would like to here more.  I do try to take all complaints seriously.

Thank you so much for the great attitude about it !!!!

Dave Wilson   695-3825
President  CGSA  
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