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Whats up all the Eastern Teams. We are coming up to show you guys how softball is played in Oklahoma. Just kidding . Good luck and I hope you can get some more teams to sign up. This will be our first CP tournament. We play off of the Tee in Moore. Can you tell me if there is any stealing of the bases in the tourney, and also how many girls can be on the field and how many can I bat. I have did some research on the teams signed up and it looks like all the girls are pretty evenly matched with the exception of the Boom. Maybe someone can make the call and get them in this tourney.


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No stealing bases on 6U

10 girls on the field at a time (6 infielders/4 outfielders)

Bat your entire lineup.

Also, although it is a coach pitch tournament, the tee option is available on the 5th pitch.

Right now we have 9 teams, so there is still room for 3 more.  Boom played in our tourney last month and took 1st, but not sure if they will be joining this one or not. 

Thanks for posting.  We appreciate the support and look forward to seeing everyone.
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