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How many games in a season? What places to play?
As everyone begins the craziness of Spring and Summer planning how to you base your decision on how many games your team should play in a season?
In our area we have middle school softball so my 14U can't play until last week of April and my 12U will have already had two month's of play in by then.

USSSA, ASA, Non-Sanctioned places? How do you determine where to play?
Is it more important to play and get the games and experience in or chase the trophies?

I have coached softball for years in our area and been successful but my oldest when she got to the competitive the 14U we've been on a team for two years driving two hours for practice and driving to KC for all games. My 2nd daughter on my 12U team I have had most of them since 8U and we are very strong team and wanting to step into the competitive world. Plus many asked me to take this group of 14U and play them competitive as well just not sure how you decide where to play and the importance of which places you play. My 14U daughter that has been playing competitively on a 14A team have played USSSA, ASA, Colorado Sparkler, Tulsa, Texas. Coming up 500 on a season. But none of them seemed to standout as to this is why we should be playing any of these locations. I don't understand the point of USA Select tournaments either?

Just looking for advise as I begin the planning for my two teams a 12UB and 14UB? We do not live in the KC area we are 2 hours south of there. In our area I can fill every weekend with a tournament within an hour of our home and get in 60-83 games in a year just wondering if that is in the ball park of a good game range?

Amber Cline
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