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An update on the fire which destroyed the majority of the high school facilities.  Donations are coming in.  After the Christmas Holiday for most of us and the winter holiday for the rest, classes will be held in one of the local churches, ag building, gym and eventually portable buildings.
Giant Kudos to the Jones Fire Dept. and school superintendant Mike Steele these two showed strength and leadership in the face of extreme adversity.

Any one wanting to donate can contact Danny Reed, Athletic Director and Jones High school teacher as to what is needed. -405-399-9115 or 9122.

To all:  While tragic, the loss of the building is not the loss of the school.  The school is the body of students, teachers and staff.  The school is the community of your life from K-12.

The school is the education you receive, sports you play and activities you are a part of.  The school is the friend ships you make and the memories you keep and the future you build for your self.  
From an old inner city Crooked Oak Ruf-Nex  I want to loudly say!!!


PS:  If any one knows Boone Pickens personally, we could use his help also!!!

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