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With the fallout from the Mitchell Report yet to be fully realized what do you think it portends for the entire baseball/fast pitch sport as a whole?

Five years from now are 7 year old girls going to be subjected to random drug testing?

Is this a past/current problem with our older ladies?


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   I believe that this has always been a problem within sports, just think that the lite was shed and now peoples eyes are starting to open. I do feel that our government has a whole lot more to worry about than a bunch of Millioneres using performance enhancing drugs. As far as kids that participate in sports being invloved. 1. The parents of that child would have to be involved, as I dont know to many teenage kids that have the funds available that it would take to benefit from this . If you read the Mitchell report you will see that several MLB players spent in excess of $25000 in a 6 to 12 month period. Thats a lot of cash for a teenager to spend without there parents having some kind of knowledge.

   I dont ever imagine that steriod testing would get to that level. (Come on, a 7 yr old)   I do know that its already @ the high school level, and I suspect they are testing for a whole lot more than just steriods.

 Just my 2 cents


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Oh yes, steroids are a part of FP softball.  Don't be mistaken.  There is a young lady from OK that just had her scholarship yanked because she tested positive for steroids.  Kudos to the coach for sending her home!  It is a heart break for her and her family.  Cheaters never win! 

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