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I have a great fundraiser for your team! I conducted a test run with a Girls softball team last month and they made over $2500. I will be willing to help any team(s) you may have In doing the same thing with minimal effort. The way it works is your team sets up a Concealed Carry Class and sells seats. I usually charge $50 a seat but you can charge whatever you want. I get 50% of proceeds up to the first 40 seats or until i reach a $1000 at that point the team gets 100% from there on out and there is no limit on the amount of money you can make. I will then come teach the class at a time and location of your choosing. Call me for more info 918-316-6712 Joe

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So the team gives you 50% of the profit, provides the customers and has to pay for renting out the location?
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